WOW! It’s been three months since our 2021 Gala! Thank you so much again for joining us in celebrating the power of ZGiRLS.

We are so grateful for the inspiration and momentum that we cultivated as a community. It’s was so special to come together, get inspired and take one step closer towards a stronger female future.

With your help, and the support from our incredible community, ZGiRLS raised $183,191 to bring confidence, mentorship, and mental resilience to girls all over the country.




We are currently halfway through our ZGiRLS Summer Challenge, and we are SO proud of the online season YOU made possible for the girls this summer. With the help of professional and Olympic female athletes, over the six week season, every ZGiRL will learn about:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Comparison
  • Beauty & the Media
  • Visualization
  • Resilience
  • Courage,
  • ...AND we are doing it unlike any program we’ve done in the past!

For our Summer Challenge, each ZGiRLS Curriculum™ topic is paired with an exciting challenge that requires the girls to use their new confidence-building skills right away, but they are not in it alone! We created breakout groups, with girls of similar ages and one of our amazing ZGiRLS Mentors, so our girls can stay connected outside of our weekly session and support each other as they complete their challenges!

ZGiRLS is currently supporting 82 girls from all over the country (including a few international!) to teach the tangible tools and skills necessary to live with ZERO limitations. Thanks to YOU...our incredible community of supporters, we never turn a girl away that needs the financial support to participate! Currently,   40% of our ZGiRLS are supported by partial or full scholarships and over half of the participants identify as BiPOC . This life-changing work would not be possible without you. 

We are also so thankful for the ZGiRLS CHAMPIONS that exemplify what it means to be a ZGiRL. These remarkable female athletes volunteer their time to help us teach the ZGiRLS Curriculum topics each week. Huge shout out to:

  • Professional Hockey Player, Brianna Decker
  • American Ninja Warrior and Professional Rock Climber, Meagan Martin
  • D1 Volleyball play & Mental Health Advocate, Victoria Garrick
  • Assistant Athletic Director at Loyola Marymount University, Kelly Dormandy
  • Professional Soccer Player, Nicole Baxter
  • Olympic Speed Skater, Kelly Gunther

"My favorite part of today's lesson was talking about negative self-talk and fixed vs. growth mindset. I learned how to talk to myself better and have a better mindset. Another favorite part about today's meeting was listening to Brianna and her stories."


- ZGiRL on Growth Mindset